Athena Manoukian "XO”


ATHENA MANOUKIAN - Her name says it all! This savvy teen and goddess of the stage was discovered a few years ago and immediately sky rocketed into Europe’s dance clubs overnight with her phenomenal vocal range, stage presence and catchy pop/dance tunes. From a very young age, she showed her talent in music and incredible ability in performing on stage. A true show piece indeed!

Fire on Dawson

FIRE ON DAWSON have been making waves in Germany since the release of their highly successful debut album “Prognative” in 2010. The album entered the German Myspace Rock Charts at number one, while also enjoying Top 10 stints in the Progressive Rock Charts of India, Russia, Italy and Poland as well as in South America, where the album reached No. 3 in Brazil and Argentina.The band spent most of 2010 and 2011 in the Worldwide Myspace ProgressiveRock Charts Top 50, peaking at No. 16 in December 2011

Brandon Hilton - Wavelength (D-Tention Radio Edit)


BRANDON HILTON (born Brandon James, July 17, 1987) is an American singer, songwriter, model & actor. He is an Internet Celebrity, known for his Electronic-Pop music and his popularity on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace and most recently his starring role in the new indie film 'Midnight Cabaret'. Brandon has successfully established a loyal fan following which he's now using to pursue his passion as a singer.

Amanda Cooksey


​Amanda's music is about love and life through her eyes. Her story began in Orlando, Florida, where she began writing her own music through smart melodies and clever lyrics at the age of 12. She moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University in hopes of obtaining a degree in Music Business and Marketing.

Pharaoh Misfitt feat Quietboi Shy.Meek WAO
Pharaoh Misfitt aka Young Misfitt aka Martian Misfitt is an EDM,Hip-Hop,Tech House Pop artist out of DMV/RVA area.