In this episode the trio [Kevin-G, The Queen of Rock, and Just Henn] beef up the Radio XO Live network with it's first call from the talented Athena Manoukian via Skype. This savvy teen and goddess of the stage was discovered a few years ago and immediately sky rocketed into Europe’s dance clubs overnight with her phenomenal vocal range, stage presence and catchy pop/dance tunes. From a very young age, she showed her talent in music and incredible ability in performing on stage. In this interview Athena breaks down Music, Life, and Passion in this 3 on 1 interview. The young talented Athena is on the rise you can check her music video for her hit song XO live on Vevo


Kevin G also gets in depth with new co-host "The Queen of Rock" in a Q&A session.

DJ Just Henn talks Twitter and the direction the company and to stock is going.

This is the first show using Skype Technology-Stay in touch with your family and friends for free on

Stay tuned as we continue to beef up RADIO XO Live and as Athena Manoukian says "XO"